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    How To Choose A Spearfishing Wetsuit

    December 29, 2023 2 min read

    How To Choose A Spearfishing Wetsuit

    Spearfishing wetsuits offer plenty of variety when it comes to materials, style, and thickness. In the video below, Kahlee explains the differences between various spearfishing wetsuits you can invest in, to help you decide which is most suitable for you!

    Wetsuits For Protection

    Wetsuits provide warmth and protection from various elements, including the harsh Aussie sun, sharp hazards like coral, and they even assist in loading your speargun. 

    Closed Cell Neoprene Wetsuits

    Closed cell neoprene wetsuits are ideal for warmer waters. They are made from a softer material, making them a more cost-effective option. One of the major advantages of closed cell neoprene wetsuits is that they don't require lubrication when putting them on. Easier to put on - always a win!

    Open Cell Neoprene Wetsuits

    Open cell neoprene wetsuits offer a unique feature that sets them apart. They create air bubbles that adhere to your skin, forming a layer of air that warms as you dive. Divers often find open cell neoprene wetsuits exceptionally comfortable to wear. However, they do require lubrication for putting on due to their sticky nature. These wetsuits tend to be of higher quality, which means they come with a higher price tag. It's important to note that open cell neoprene wetsuits are more fragile and must be handled with care to avoid damage, especially from sharp or abrasive surfaces like fingernails.

    Smoothskin Wetsuits

    Smoothskin wetsuits offer a versatile solution for spearfishing enthusiasts. These wetsuits are often lined with closed cell neoprene on the inside and feature a smooth outer material. Some models can even be reversed, providing several advantages. They don't require lubrication for putting them on, can be reversed to have the driest side on the inside, and offer protection against wind chill due to the smoothskin material. Additionally, smoothskin wetsuits dry quickly. Like open cell wetsuits, they're quite fragile so not suited to activities involving contact with abrasive surfaces.

    Lycra Suits

    Lycra suits are well-suited for warm water conditions and offer protection against stingers. They are lightweight and comfortable, but they provide minimal thermal insulation. They're perfect for spearfishing in tropical climates but may not be adequate for colder or deeper waters.

    Chest-Loading Pads

    When selecting a wetsuit for spearfishing, it's crucial to ensure it includes a chest-loading pad. This pad reduces the pressure on your sternum, making it easier to load your speargun. 

    Thermals for Added Warmth

    For those who need extra warmth during their spearfishing adventures, thermals can be added to wetsuits. You can choose between a fleece or titanium lining. While fleece lining provides superior insulation, titanium lining is thinner and still offers warmth without adding much bulk.

    Selecting the Right Cut

    The choice of wetsuit cut ultimately depends on personal preference. Beginners typically start with a single-piece steamer wetsuit, while more experienced divers often opt for two-piece wetsuits. Two-piece wetsuits provide enhanced comfort and increased warmth at the core. When deciding between long-john and high-waist pants, it comes down to your individual preferences.