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    How To Choose A Flasher

    February 27, 2024 2 min read

    How To Choose A Flasher

    When it comes to spearfishing, attracting fish is an art (or is it actually luck?!). Flashers, the colorful, reflective tools that mimic baitfish, can help to lure in your unsuspecting catch. Let's dive deeper in flashers and the key differences between them.

    1. Headhunter's Basic Mirror Flasher Design

    Headhunter's basic mirror flasher design is a tried-and-true classic. It uses reflective acrylic pieces and a squid at the end of the line to entice fish. The reflective surfaces are the stars of the show, attracting pelagic fish in clear blue water conditions. If you consider yourself DIY handy, you could even try making your own!

    You should handle this design with care as the mirrors are quite fragile. One accidental bump can break them so they're mainly ideal for clear conditions when the underwater visibility is high.

    2. Spinner Style Flasher

    The spinner style flasher takes a different approach. It relies on water movement to spin the reflective pieces along the float line and attract fish. Just like the basic mirror design, it also incorporates a squid. This design is a great choice when you're dealing with varying water conditions and need a versatile solution.

    3. Ladder Style Spinner

    If you opt for a ladder style spinner, you're in for an underwater spectacle. This design uses water pressure to spin its flashers along the rungs, creating a mesmerizing display that can lure fish from a decent distance. However, it's worth noting that larger fish or even sharks can sometimes get caught in the rungs. 

    4. Compact Design for Shore Diving

    When shore diving is your game, a more compact flasher design is recommended. While it may not attract larger pelagics, it can still work wonders for enticing kingfish and other smaller game. Its smaller size makes it easier to manage in the relatively shallow waters near the shore.

    5. Mirror Balls: An Intriguing Addition

    These fill with water and move up and down while spinning with the water's movement. They even include an internal rattle, which adds an extra layer of attraction. These are very fragile and require extra care. They usually come with a protective bag to prevent damage during transport.