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    Australian Ladies Freediving Record BROKEN!

    February 08, 2012 1 min read

    Australian Ladies Freediving Record BROKEN!

    Australian freediver Christina Saenz has been training hard and her efforts paid off last week as she dived to a new Australian Women's record depth of 60m! The avid freediver now holds Titles for the Free Immersion and Constant Weight disciplines.

    [caption id="attachment_4020" align="aligncenter" width="520" caption="New Australian Women's Freediving record holder - Christina Saenz"]


    Free immersion is where the diver pulls themselves down a guide rope using only their arms. For constant weight, the diver uses a monofin to reach the required depth.

    We love the way Christina thinks about Scuba and Freediving, saying, "with scuba diving you are observing the underwater life, with free-diving it's more that you're interacting with it and you're becoming part of the ocean. So I see one more as an observer, and one more as a participant of the ocean."

    "When you're scuba diving you have less interaction with marine life because animals are less likely to approach you with all the equipment on, what I love about free diving is the marine animals are so curious to approach you when you're under water on one breath, particularly other marine mammals."